*NEW EP / NEW VIDEO* Sese – The Buu Saga EP / Sese – Hyperbolic

The wait is finally over as Sese recently released the final EP in the Dragonball inspired series of EPs that he has been masterfully crafting throughout the last year. The Buu Saga EP is the final edition of the trilogy and with came a new 0therWorld-directed video for the first single, Hyperbolic. The Yedgar-produced Hyperbolic receives … Continue reading *NEW EP / NEW VIDEO* Sese – The Buu Saga EP / Sese – Hyperbolic

*NEW AUDIO* Sese – Hyperbolic

St. Catherine's, ON artist Sese is gearing up to release the final EP of the Dragonball-themed series he started at the beginning of 2016. The Buu Saga has been teased periodically over the last few months and we have finally gotten the first listen in the form of its first single, Hyperbolic. Produced by Yedger, … Continue reading *NEW AUDIO* Sese – Hyperbolic

*NEW VIDEO* Sese – Super Kamehameha/ Power Level Up

Following the release of his popular new mixtape, The Cell Saga, Nightmare Klub hip-hop artist Sese returns with fresh new video in support of his Chef Byer-produced single, "Super Kamehameha" (as well as the Smokescreen-produced “Power Level Up”). The songs were visualized by long-time video director and Sese collaborator, Frank Douglas (0therworld Films/Nightmare Klub) who … Continue reading *NEW VIDEO* Sese – Super Kamehameha/ Power Level Up

*NEW VIDEO* Sese – Perfect Cell

Hailing from St. Catherine's, ON, Sese has been on a steady grind for years keeping the underground scene bubbling with consistent releases. He's gearing up for the release of his latest EP, The Cell Saga, and unleashes the first single, Perfect Cell. Produced by Mississauga-based producer, Pops (The Game, Machine Gun Kelly, SonReal), and shot/edited by 0therworld Films, … Continue reading *NEW VIDEO* Sese – Perfect Cell