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This page will be the home of our podcast series, hosted by Eh Vee. Check in regularly for new episodes as we bring in guests and talk about everything relevant to Canadian hiphop! You can listen to the latest episode below as well as subscribe to our podcast on the available platforms! Be sure to check out the archive section to review any episodes you may have missed!

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  • Episode 25 - B.A.D. Entertainment
    On episode 25 of the Up Top HipHop Podcast, Eh Vee sits down with the duo known as B.A.D. (Bad Ass Dads). The three talk everything local hiphop and music. A.d.D and L-Dubz also give listeners a summary of what to expect on their upcoming compilation album, When Bad Things Happen.
  • Episode 24 - Robbie G
    Join Eh Vee as he sits down with Guelph, ON artist Robbie G to recap his latest tour and the latest happenings in the hiphop world. The two dive into tour stories, Eminem's "Walk On Water" single, the recent passing of Lil Peep, as well as upcoming plans for the two.
  • Episode 23 - Welcome Back
    Join Eh Vee and JSG on the first episode back after a lengthy hiatus. The two hosts sit down and discuss a wide array of world events and music news. Topics discussed include the Tupac biopic "All Eyez On Me", unfortunate natural disasters and new music coming out soon.
  • Episode 22 - Dice
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down with Guelph, ON recording artist, Dice. The three dive into their history with each other, the history of Guelph hiphop and Dice's recent return to music after a 5-year hiatus.
  • Episode 21 - Rooks McCoy
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down with Oshawa, ON recording artist Rooks McCoy. The three talk extensively about the recently released Tupac biopic "All Eyez On Me" and their thoughts on other hiphop biopics.
  • Episode 20 - Doom Squad & Sonik
    Join Eh Vee as he sits down with the Edmonton, AB trio Doom Squad and close collaborator Sonik. The 5 sit down and chat about their latest album, LSD, as well as their cross-country tour. Hilarious tour stories mixed in with music updates make for a great episode!
  • Episode 19 - Hip Chat Music
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down Stitch (formerly known as Young Stitch), Riyality, and Demeko of Hip Chat Music. The five talk about a huge array of topics such as the transition/rebranding from Sentral Soldiers Entertainment to Hip Chat Music, the recent distribution deal for the Hip Chat Music crew, their trip to TeamBackPack's MUNY event, Stitch's recent single "Wake Up", and much more! Check out the hilarious conversation followed by BARS by Stitch and exclusive sneak peeks at never-before-heard music by Stitch and Demeko.
  • Episode 18 - Smooth
    Listen in as Eh Vee sit downs with Toronto, ON recording artist Smooth. The two talk about things such as Smooth’s recent networking trip to Austin, TX for SXSW, Drake’s rise to fame, and the perception of Canadian HipHop pre and post-Drake. The two also touch on topics such as the importance of networking for artists, the difference between rappers and artists, and Rosenberg’s recent comments regarding Kendrick Lamar’s status as the “best rapper ever”.
  • Episode 17 - Peter Jackson
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down with one of Canada's hardest working rappers, Peter Jackson. The three chat about many different topics such as remaining positive to achieve success, his relationship with major artists such as The LOX and Riff Raff, the recent success of his new single "On A Wave", and much more!
  • Episode 16 - Zaze
    Listen in as Eh Vee and JSG sit down with Durham Region artist, Zaze. The three sit and talk extensively about the importance of perspective, music plans, and reflect on past work the three have done together!
  • Episode 15 - Mordecai
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down with Guelph, ON artist Mordecai (of the Woodlawn Warriors) to talk about various things such as the current drug overdose epidemic and future music plans all in hilarious fashion. Listeners should be sure to catch the snippet of an upcoming collaborative release between Eh Vee, JSG, and Woodlawn Warriors.
  • Episode 14 - The Sorority Part 2 (Keysha Freshh & Lex Leosis)
    Listen in as Eh Vee and JSG sit down with Keysha Freshh and Lex Leosis for part 2 of our "The Sorority" episode! Keysha Fresh and Lex Leosis drop HipHop KNOWLEDGE on listeners as we explore their inspirations as emcees.
  • Episode 13 - The Sorority Part 1 (Haviah Mighty & Phoenix Pagliacci)
    Listen to part 1 of a special 2-part episode featuring Toronto-based all-female group, The Sorority. Listen in as Eh Vee and JSG sit down with Haviah Mighty and Phoenix Pagliacci and discuss topics such as the Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj conflict, polictics in the music business, racism, and future plans for The Sorority.
  • Episode 12 - HMC
    Listen in as Eh Vee and JSG sit down with Daimon Miles and YS of Hamilton, Ontario-based HMC. They discuss topics such as musical influences, Drake's meteoric rise, and production techniques.
  • Episode 11 - Casper The Ghost & Kehmak
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down for a HILARIOUS episode with TreeTop Entertainment duo, Casper The Ghost and Kehmak. The four chat it up about topics such as marijuana legalization, music politics, past stories, and future endeavors all in comical fashion. A sense of humor is mandatory when listening! The duo end the episode by kicking rhymes over The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Who Shot Ya" instrumental in our first #GetYaBarsUpChallenge segment.
  • Episode 10 - Phatty Switches
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down and chat with Guelph's own, Phatty Switches. Listen in as they speak on inspiration, dealing with self-doubt, and self-motivation. They also speak on Phatty Switches' plans for futute music and his new brand, Urban Revolution.
  • Episode 9 - CDiss
    Join Eh Vee as he sits down with CDiss, the founder of Guelph-based music group G-City Movement. Celebrating it's fifth anniversary, the two sit down and share stories from CDiss' beginnings, hilarious and untold G-City stories, recount some of the big names they've met along the way, and much more!
  • Episode 8 - WhatTheHype
    Join Eh Vee as he sits down with BrownGuy, Johnny, and Tano from Canadian-Based media site, WhatTheHype. Listen as they didcuss things such as the Toronto hiphop scene, politics behind blogging, tips for upcoming artists and much more.
  • Episode 7 - Gee Wunder
    Join hosts Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down with the Toronto veteran, Gee Wunder. Listen in as they discuss Gee Wunder's start at Bell Media, Industry Tips Booklet, and all things Motive Music Canada.
  • Episode 6 - Tempomental
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down with London, ON's own Tempomental. The three talk about plans for new music, upcoming releases, past endeavours, and their thoughts on many topics! Check out the episode and stay tuned for more!
  • Episode 5 - Young K
    Join hosts Eh Vee and JSG as they sit down with guest producer Young K. They chat it up about everything production; from sample versus composition, techniques, placements, and other interesting hiphop tidbits. Join us for the super interesting 3.5 hour long conversation!
  • Episode 4 - Happy New Year
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they recap 2016, discuss plans for 2017, their take and opinions on various hiphop moments, and other topics
  • Episode 3 - Woodlawn Warriors
    Join Eh Vee and guests Woodlawn Warriors as they dive into hilarious tour stories and plans for new music, both as a crew and solo members.
  • Episode 2 - Robbie G
    Join Eh Vee and guest Robbie G as they discuss his upcoming album, Inner Outer Space, upcoming releases and what's in store.
  • Episode 1 - Introduction
    Join Eh Vee and JSG as they kick off the Podcast Series