[ALBUM] Know-It – The Dialysis Catalog

Cambridge, ON producer Know-It recently released his compilation album, The Dialysis Catalog. Comprised of songs produced by Know-It over the years, the album features verses from Sharky, Tona, D.O., D-Sisive and more. Boombap, 90's inspired production coupled with raps, raps, and more raps, The Dialysis Catalog is an album hiphop heads and fans of raw hiphop should check … Continue reading [ALBUM] Know-It – The Dialysis Catalog

[ALBUM] Tona – The Ivy League

Toronto, ON JUNO award winning rapper Tona returns with his latest album, The Ivy League. The follow up to 2015's Carpe Diem, Tona kicked off the album by unleashing two singles, Grime Date with Skripture and Red Eye with Fixaveli. Tona is known for delivering some of the most complex rhymes and The Ivy League shows fans just … Continue reading [ALBUM] Tona – The Ivy League

[ALBUM] Sandy Pearlman & Bones – Spare Parts

Toronto, ON based experimental hiphop duo Sandy Pearlman & Bones recently released their latest album, Spare Parts. Fans will be drawn in by the level of experimentation on the album from the duo. A slower tempo in delivery shouldn't deter listeners from wanting to listen and Sandy Pearlman & Bones prove just that over the … Continue reading [ALBUM] Sandy Pearlman & Bones – Spare Parts

[ALBUM] DRAE – E/Scape

Ottawa, ON artist DRAE recently released his debut LP, E/Scape, a sonically pleasing combination of hiphop and EDM. Releasing the second single, First Time, at the beginning of August with Nicholas Poupponeau Of Zoo Legacy, DRAE has been busy crafting an album that we feel fans will thoroughly enjoy. Combining rapping with EDM-influenced production, DRAE delivers a … Continue reading [ALBUM] DRAE – E/Scape

[MIXTAPE] Sons of Boombap – The Past Is The Future

Newly formed Canadian-based collective Sons of Boombap recently release their debut mixtape, The Past Is The Future, to introduce themselves to the world. Formed by longtime friends and collaborators, Sharky and Cable, and combined with many like-minded and boombap -influenced artists, Sons of Boombap live up to their name on their mammoth of a debut … Continue reading [MIXTAPE] Sons of Boombap – The Past Is The Future

*NEW ALBUM* Joe Cash – We Didn’t Even Last The Summer

Toronto, ON artist/videographer Joe Cash recently released his latest album, We Didn't Even Last The Summer and despite not being a hiphop project, it should be taken in regardless! Not hiphop, not R&B, fans would be hard pressed to put Joe's music in any one genre simply because he's flawlessly combines so many! If there … Continue reading *NEW ALBUM* Joe Cash – We Didn’t Even Last The Summer

*NEW EP / NEW VIDEO* Sese – The Buu Saga EP / Sese – Hyperbolic

The wait is finally over as Sese recently released the final EP in the Dragonball inspired series of EPs that he has been masterfully crafting throughout the last year. The Buu Saga EP is the final edition of the trilogy and with came a new 0therWorld-directed video for the first single, Hyperbolic. The Yedgar-produced Hyperbolic receives … Continue reading *NEW EP / NEW VIDEO* Sese – The Buu Saga EP / Sese – Hyperbolic

*NEW ALBUM* Words – Staying Gold In The Black Abyss

Dead Rabbits/Unit 731/Sentral Soldiers representer Words returns with a brand new album, Staying Gold In The Black Abyss. The album is a collaborative effort with the staff at Ponyboy Vapes acting as official project sponsors. Clocking in a whopping 21 tracks, Words has never been a slouch or shy about filling a project to the … Continue reading *NEW ALBUM* Words – Staying Gold In The Black Abyss