[MIXTAPE] Gangis Khan – Bad Karma

At the beginning of July, Gangis Khan released a video that gave fans a taste of the new sound he's been experimenting with. For me, it was a surprise to hear messing around with autotune and sing-songy melodies, but it works super well. Instead of changing his whole sound, he uses the new wave style … Continue reading [MIXTAPE] Gangis Khan – Bad Karma


[MIXTAPE] TopLeft Recordings Presents M.I.C. Volume 10

Fellow CanCon supporter TopLeft Recordings recently released the latest volume in their long-running mixtape series, M.I.C. (Made In Canada), which features exclusives from some Canada grittiest underground HipHop talent! Catering exclusively to the underground HipHop fans, listeners will not hear anything mainstream on this volume, or any other volume for that matter. Over the years mixtape … Continue reading [MIXTAPE] TopLeft Recordings Presents M.I.C. Volume 10

[FULL PROJECT] The Holy Trinity – The Trinity EP

Toronto, ON based trio The Holy Trinity recently welcomed Mark Jordan home late into 2016 and the whole trio has been on rampage of music releases ever since. Starting 2017 off with a bang, The Holy Trinity releases The Trinity EP to great public reception. The trio have always been known for their great chemistry and … Continue reading [FULL PROJECT] The Holy Trinity – The Trinity EP

[MIXTAPE] DJ Hullewud & DJ Chase March – The MIX(ed)TAPE

London, ON based DJs Hullewud and Chase March recently released a 29-track collaborative mixtape for hiphop heads to take in. DJ Hullewud of Sausage Gut Radio and DJ Chase March of Word is Bond Radio join forces and return to the essence of mixtapes by assembling a great mix of exclusive tracks from artists they're … Continue reading [MIXTAPE] DJ Hullewud & DJ Chase March – The MIX(ed)TAPE

[MIXTAPE] Maloney Presents The Sound of ’74

Breaking Wreckords collective (Maloney, Innesence, and OB.1) recently released a monstrosity of a mixtape! The Sound of '74 is a compilation/mixtape produced entirely by Maloney. All the samples used were released in 1974 and are laced together to give fans a very cohesive compilation. The whole Breaking Wreckords family get their proper shine on the mixtape … Continue reading [MIXTAPE] Maloney Presents The Sound of ’74

[ALBUM] Know-It – The Dialysis Catalog

Cambridge, ON producer Know-It recently released his compilation album, The Dialysis Catalog. Comprised of songs produced by Know-It over the years, the album features verses from Sharky, Tona, D.O., D-Sisive and more. Boombap, 90's inspired production coupled with raps, raps, and more raps, The Dialysis Catalog is an album hiphop heads and fans of raw hiphop should check … Continue reading [ALBUM] Know-It – The Dialysis Catalog