[Audio] Jame$ Lean – Pray For Me (Prod. By Raybeats)

Toronto emcee Jame$ Lean gets wavy and slick with the track “Pray For Me” produced by Raybeats.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPSU9ZAf_yo Lean spits a smooth R&B style flow in this track.  The vocal effects aren’t overdone, and the inflection Lean utilizes helps bring life to the track, complementing the unique beat. Raybeats did a great job putting … Continue reading [Audio] Jame$ Lean – Pray For Me (Prod. By Raybeats)

[Audio] Jame$ Lean – UP (Prod. By ICEKRIM)

Jame$ Lean keeps the energy elevated with the track “UP” produced by Icekrim. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hckdzkc_8TM First off, the hook for this song is catchy as hell. The echo is clean and not overdone, and if you’re listening with headcans the left-to-right alternation of Lean’s vocals delivering the hook is a pleasantly “trippy” experience.   Icekrim’s production … Continue reading [Audio] Jame$ Lean – UP (Prod. By ICEKRIM)

[Audio Track] Jimmy Yitty – “Sailor Moon” (Prod. by Truth Willis)

Toronto emcee Jimmy Yitty gives us an oddly amazing juxtaposition of vocal style and beats atmosphere with the track "Sailor Moon" produced by Truth Willis. Yitty's grimy, School Boy Q esque vocals blend well with the uniquely mixed and lighthearted beat.  Shying away from the common hard and obvious trap style, the beat feels melodic … Continue reading [Audio Track] Jimmy Yitty – “Sailor Moon” (Prod. by Truth Willis)

[AUDIO] The MG – Feels Like We Made It (Prod. By C-Lance)

Toronto, ON based artist The MG recently released his latest single, Feels Like We Made It. The feeling you get from accomplishing a goal can be exhilerating. Rapping over great production from C-Lance, The MG tells listeners what the feeling means to him in double-time raps. Be sure to take in Feels Like We Made It below! … Continue reading [AUDIO] The MG – Feels Like We Made It (Prod. By C-Lance)

[Audio Track] Fame Holiday feat. Monte Biggz – “Eat” (Prod. by Penacho)

OSOT emcees Fame Holiday and Monte Biggz knock it out of the park with "Eat" produced by Penacho.  Listen to the track below. The GTA emcees send a well crafted and confident message with this track.  Fame's confident flow and delivery match the ambitious and driven feel of the hook, "They say that I look … Continue reading [Audio Track] Fame Holiday feat. Monte Biggz – “Eat” (Prod. by Penacho)

[Audio Track] Antagonist Dragonspit – “Formula 18” (Prod. by Dib Stacks)

Hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, Antagonist Dragonspit delivers quality fire with the track "Formula 18".   Produced by Dib Stacks, the beat is reminiscent of classic 90's east coast instrumentals you would find on albums such as Nas's Illmatic or Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt.  Dragon's vocals are clear and on point, and there were moments on the delivery of certain … Continue reading [Audio Track] Antagonist Dragonspit – “Formula 18” (Prod. by Dib Stacks)

[AUDIO] Sayzee – Mack 10 (Prod. By Daniel Worthy)

St. Catherine's, ON artist Sayzee is back with a new single for the new year! Rapping over bouncy trap production from Daniel Worthy, Sayzee gives listeners bars in his usual smooth yet rugged flow. It's great to see Sayzee back at it and sticking to his formula rather than reaching for a more mainstream sound. … Continue reading [AUDIO] Sayzee – Mack 10 (Prod. By Daniel Worthy)

[AUDIO] Durdy – Game Eater (Wyze Intellect Remix)

Toronto, ON artist Durdy recently released Colours to kick off the new year. In an effort to keep the promotional efforts going, Collingwood, ON producer took to the kitchen and cooked up a scorching remix to an older Durdy cut. Game Eater gets the remix treatment and it turns out amazingly gritty. Raw lyricism and neck-snapping boombap … Continue reading [AUDIO] Durdy – Game Eater (Wyze Intellect Remix)

[AUDIO] NataOne – Sketch Alley (Prod. By Chakra)

Toronto, ON artist NataOne is back with a brand new single for hiphop heads everywhere looking for new music! Keeping it rough and rugged as normal, NataOne gives your eardrums a track that's sure to keep you coming back! Rapping over Chakra production, NataOne is definitely showing no signs of slowing down heading into 2018. … Continue reading [AUDIO] NataOne – Sketch Alley (Prod. By Chakra)