Igniting “Fire” Early In The Year, Robbie G Returns With His Seventh Album

Guelph, ON recording artist and promoter released his seventh album a couple weeks ago and it definitely lives up to it’s name. 12 songs of Robbie’s best to date were created for the album, which long-time collaborator Young K exclusive produces. Containing the singles Do What You Do with Evil Ebenezer and Time with Emmaline, Fire is Robbie G’s seventh album and highlights his triumphs and downfalls in short but effective execution. Radio-friendly singles to thought-provoking pieces, everything can be found on the album. Available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms, Robbie G fans should definitely take the time to take in the album if they haven’t!


You can purchase Fire on iTunes or stream on all major platforms

You can find Robbie G on…

Official Website

Facebook | Robbie G

Twitter | @RobbieGHipHop

Instagram | @RobbieGHipHop

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