[REVIEW] Drake – Scary Hours

Before I kick this one off, I feel like I owe it to explain to our readers while they’re all the sudden seeing a review (or anything, really) for a Drake project. Now, I’ve always shared famed radio host Charlamange Tha God’s opinion in that I hate it when Drake sings. I’ve never really been huge on his singing songs but his rapping songs have always been interesting listens! I also don’t go out of my way to listen to anything Drake. If it comes on the radio, I don’t reach and turn it off. I appreciate the music he puts out that I like. I’m also growing more of an understanding that not all music is going to be for me.

So when I scrolled through my Twitter and Facebook timelines this past weekend, the news that Drake had returned with another surprise release, I decided to take the risk and go for it. I opened up Spotify on my phone and loaded up Drake’s page. Sure enough, there was a new release. I was intrigued and wary at the same time. I was intrigued because this would be the first time Drake had released something and I wanted to hear it. I was also wary because I didn’t exactly know what to expect. Thanks to the online chatter, I knew Drake was going to be actually rapping on at least one of the songs. That means I’ll probably have to sit through a terrible obvious radio single before I get to what I came for. Needless to say, I was surprised! Read below for my full review of the Scary Hours.


God’s Plan – This is the obvious radio single of the two songs on the release. However, to my surprise, it wasn’t absolute terrible. I actually might admit I low-key like this song! My first reaction was that this is just the run of the mill Drake radio single. I almost wanted to hit the skip button but decided to give it a fair honest listen. That listen turned into two listens. Those two listens then turned into 2 more listens. You get this picture…the point is I gave it a few listens to come to the conclusion that I don’t actually hate this song. Again, singing Drake doesn’t do anything for more so it was surprising that singing Drake has a pretty decent song with God’s Plan. This drew a little more anticipation going into the second song on the release! The Cardo, Boi-1da and Yex-produced single is sure to flood the airwaves soon enough!

Diplomatic Immunity – Here’s the rapping Drake. Just based off the title, I’m expecting either Dipset features on Dipset-inspired production. I’m only half disappointed in that there are no Dipset members on this cut. The production is like a slowed-down ode to vintage Dipset. Boi-1da and Nick Brongers definitely came with that Dipset state of mind when crafting the beat. Drake gracefully raps slick subliminals and boss-minded bars in his usual passive-aggressive tone. This one definitely takes a few listens to digest as Drake delivers some very slick bars that can easily go over your head if you don’t know the context. Drake is definitely coming for a few people’s throats on this one! I’ll let the listeners decide!

Overall, did I like Scary Hours. Not at first. Both songs took a few listens (like anything else Drake releases) for me to really decide whether I liked them! God’s Plan is a surprising one as it’s a singing Drake cut that isn’t horrible! Diplomatic Immunity is rapping Drake starting the year off with a strong effort. He comes with heat and definitely didn’t disappoint.

Check out Scary Hours on Spotify

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