[PROJECT] Hungry – Power Hungry EP

West coast artist, Hungry, recently released his first solo EP and was gracious enough to let me write the press release for it. The 6 track EP is digestible without too much fat. Hungry shows why he deserves the recognition as solo emcee and not just a cog in the Northwest Division crew. West coast favourites such as Brevner and D-Rec show up to assist Hungry in his first solo venture! Check out the album and press release below!

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Artist : Hungry
Title : Power Hungry
Label : Independent
Released : 01/09/18

[Vancouver, BC] Hungry proudly releases his Power Hungry EP to start 2018 off on the right foot! The west coast artist keeps the project short and to the point, rounding out at 6 tracks. West coast hiphop fans will be glad to see favourites such as D-Rec and Brevner on the tracklisting. The EP sees Hungry rapping over a mix of moody and boombap production provided by King Bnjmn, Eng, Jamie Kuse, and Mason Rex. Hungry embodies his rap moniker to the fullest with his spitfire rap style throughout the EP. However, he’s not afraid to experiment with the newer mainstream sound as listeners will pleasantly find out!

Power Hungry will be released on 01/09/18 and available on all streaming platforms.

You can find Hungry on…

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