[PODCAST] Views Before The 6

I should be kicking myself in the ass for not sharing this podcast with our readers sooner! As a fellow podcaster, I try to check out as many Canadian HipHop-related podcasts as I can. There are a few that I would consider must-listens and this one sits on the top of that list! Hosted by Big Tweeze and Thrust, two staples in the Toronto HipHop scene, Views Before The 6 is a podcast born out of a need to dive into Toronto HipHop history.

The world has been watching Torontonian Drake dominate the music industry since his breakout single Best I Ever Had hit the airwaves. Canada has been a hotbed for talent scouting since Drake’s debut. Being the first from a city to break out is no easy feat and in doing so, Drake opened the doors for a whole generation of talent from the city. Many look at Drake as the face of Toronto HipHop, however, little do they know, Drake was once a rising rapper within the scene. A scene that was already populated by rappers also vying for the same prizes of fame and fortune. Toronto HipHop has always been a barrel of talent all putting in work. A lot of those vets have been pushed into Drake’s shadow. Views Before The 6 is Thrust and Big Tweeze’s way of keeping those veteran names alive and ringing bells.

Diving deep into Toronto HipHop history with the who’s who of the scene, the duo have created and a way for the curious to really dig into Toronto HipHop. Interviews with staples within the scene and shining light on those that have been around and weathered the storm, Views Before The 6 is as close to a Canadian Drink Champs (NORE/DJ EFN) as we’re going to get in terms of captivating content. Be sure to check out the podcast as you’re almost guaranteed to walk away with a greater appreciation for Toronto HipHop.

Click the image above to stream Views Before The 6 on Soundcloud


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