[MIXTAPE] Gangis Khan – Bad Karma

At the beginning of July, Gangis Khan released a video that gave fans a taste of the new sound he’s been experimenting with. For me, it was a surprise to hear messing around with autotune and sing-songy melodies, but it works super well. Instead of changing his whole sound, he uses the new wave style to compliment his gritty street tales. 100 is a melodic banger produced by Toronto producer Beat Busta that received a visual treatment by Fatty Soprano and Shutterr and also serves as the first single from Gangis Khan’s latest mixtape, Bad Karma.

There are very few that possess the stature and rep that can unite the always competitive Toronto HipHop scene. Locals are constantly clawing for any bit of recognition they can get and all that creates a very hostile environment for artists, and ultimately civilians. Toronto has been experiencing a wave violence among local upcoming rappers still living their lyrics. As fans, we put tremendous pressure on artists to “keep it real” and “live what they say”. However, this has backfired disastrously, what with artists taking any chance that presents itself to “keep it real”. Shootings, robberies, and fist fights are plaguing the local Toronto HipHop scene and very few are brave enough to beacon of unity. Enter Gangis Khan and his Bad Karma mixtape. Gangis Khan enlists up-and-coming and veteran Toronto artists and producers in a monstrous undertaking and pieced together 22 tracks of Toronto HEAT. This is definitely a project Toronto can be proud of! Hopefully this opens up the door for more projects in which unity is the goal! Check out the full mixtape and Fatty Soprano and Shutterr-directed 100 video below!

You can find Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge on…

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