[MIXTAPE] TopLeft Recordings Presents M.I.C. Volume 10

Fellow CanCon supporter TopLeft Recordings recently released the latest volume in their long-running mixtape series, M.I.C. (Made In Canada), which features exclusives from some Canada grittiest underground HipHop talent! Catering exclusively to the underground HipHop fans, listeners will not hear anything mainstream on this volume, or any other volume for that matter. Over the years mixtape series promoting Canadian artists have come and gone. Some have lived in infamy (SHOUT OUTS to TRA and DJ Law for their classic S.A.R.S. series) while others have been all but forgotten. M.I.C series is the one that has not only lasted the test of time but stands as one that has kept true to ONE sound through it’s entirety. Long-time listeners know what to expect when they throw a M.I.C compilation…gritty hardcore HipHop! Volume 10 is no different. Jam packed with exclusives from Theo3, Adam Bomb, T Gramz, Dre Barrs, Acetik and more, mixed by award-winning DJ Law, and mastered by Quarter Inch Kings, this compilation is one for the heads! Available as one mix by DJ Law or individual MP3s below!

Mixed by DJ Law | Individual MP3s

You can find Top Left Recordings on…

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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