#SpotifySundays – 16/04/17

As a continuation of our efforts here at Up Top HipHop to showcase Canadian hiphop, we have added Spotify playlists as an extension to our brand. Listeners can follow our Spotify account for a new 10-song playlist every Sunday, compiled by Eh Vee.

The third entry in our #SpotifySundays playlist series can be found below

  1. Skitso Frenic Feat. Dre Barrs – Big Boss
  2. T Gramz Feat. Acetik & Adam Bomb – No Hook
  3. Blacka Da Don Feat. Eestbound – Doin Tingz
  4. Gee Wunder Feat. Sentral Soldiers – Feed Me
  5. Doom Squad Feat. Sayzee – Ride Around The World
  6. Friday Ricky Dred – In Stereo
  7. Eternia Feat. Phoenix Pagliacci – For This Life
  8. Peter Jackson – Talk That
  9. Tass Nata Feat. Tona & Rich Kidd – Let’s Go
  10. NVS Feat. Sean Strange, Prada West & Stitch – Keep The Faith

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