Editor’s Picks : January

As we reach the end of the first month of the new year, I hope our readers are enjoying the content we post here at Up Top HipHop. We get a fair amount of submissions from artists and try to post as much quality material as we can. As a way to highlight some of what I consider to be standout pieces, each month I will be compiling a list of Editor’s Picks. Look below for this month’s picks

Editor’s Picks – January


1. [VIDEO] Doom Squad Feat. Sonik – Lost In My Mind (Dir. By Sonik)

Why I Picked It : This has garnered multiple plays since I first watched the video. The production was amazingly fitting for Doom Squad and Sonik to craft an absolutely beautiful song. Trippz delivers an astounding performance singing on the hook and bridge. NineLivez delivers an eye-opening verse to close out the song that I think anyone who has been through the same ordeals would not only relate but appreciate. Check out the video below!


2. [VIDEO] Peter Jackson – Lord Forgive Me (Dir. By Fatty Soprano)

Why I Picked It : As a longtime fan of Peter Jackson, I always keep eyes and ears open for anything he releases. This video was no different. Sitting at the edge of my seat, I got to watch as PJ teased the release of this video over a number of weeks. When it finally came, I was blown away. Having never heard of Fatty Soprano before this video, I instantly became a fan of his work. Amazing crisp visuals and great effects were combined to bring Lord Forgive Me to life. Check out the video below!


3. [VIDEO] Robbie G Feat. Sway Clarke – Famous (Dir. By Local Drawl)

Why I Picked It : This is another entry on this list that had an amazing visual component that I fell in love with. Having worked alongside Robbie for many years, I’ve gotten to witness the progression in the quality of videos he’s released. This one simply blew me away. I rank this video as being his absolute best, hands down. Everything about this song screams “REPLAY ME”, from the verses to the Classified production, right down to the amazingly captivating hook delivered by Sway Clarke. Check the video out below.


4. [VIDEO] Stitch – Wake Up (Dir. By Film Majorz)

Why I Picked It : This is a video that, when posted, BLEW my statistics up. Seriously, EVERYBODY and their grandmothers were rocking to this song!! When I think of Stitch (formerly known as Young Stitch), I think LYRICS and BARS so when I hear his experimentation with music with a more pop-driven sound, I listen with intrigue. As we know, anybody can rap but few can transition into becoming a full-fledged ARTIST. Stitch is definitely well on his way with a cut like Wake Up. Insanely catchy and infectious, Stitch definitely released a repeatable track with this one. Check the video out below!


5. [VIDEO] The Sorority – Undun (Dir. By Ashley Iris Gill)

Why I Picked It : These 4 ladies blew my mind when I first heard them on the TeamBackPack INTL Women’s Day Cypher and I’ve been following them, both individually as a collective since! Absolutely demolishing the cypher, I knew instantly these 4 ladies were a PROBLEM for ANY competition, male or female. After watching the cypher, I kept my fingers crossed that fans would get to hear more of the 4. Prayers were answered when they returned with this impeccable ode to the HipHop culture. Brilliantly crafted, Undun is an amazing cut and powerful representation of TRUE HipHop. Check the video out below!

Do you agree with my list? Are there any entries you feel I may have overlooked? Hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or by email (ehveehiphop@gmail.com) with your thoughts! As always, artists are encouraged submit their latest music for posting consideration! Head over to our Submissions Page for all the details!

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