5 Canadian-Based Blogs/Media Websites Artists Should Know

So, I decided to write a pieace on 5 Canadian-based blogs/media websites artists should know and submit to. Blogs are a great way to give your music a considerable push and get in front of new fans. First off, knowing who these sites are is great but know how to properly submit is vital in terms of getting attention from blogs. Before reading the list, feel free to refer to my How To Properly Submit To Blogs Via Email piece

1. HipHopCanada


The most prominent site focusing on promoting Canadian content would have to be HipHopCanada. Any Canadian artist serious about their craft will have undoubtedly heard of HipHopCanada. Founded and operated by Jesse Plunkett (along with Sarah Jay), HHC has been on the forefront of everything Canadian HipHop for over a decade and continue to be the golden standard to which upcoming Canadian blogs strive to achieve. Great journalism combined with a great selection of music posted almost daily, HHC has made quite an impact of the HipHop culture. Anything big and HipHop related in Canada has been covered on the site and they continue to deliver year after year. Being held as the Canadian site is no easy feat but Jesse and Sarah have made HHC just that… the site.

Be sure to follow HipHopCanada on… – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


2. WhatTheHype


Founded by Aaron Hodgson (aka BrownGuy), WhatTheHype has been a site experiencing an exponential growth over the last few years. Currently into it’s third year of operation, WhatTheHype is based out of Toronto but caters to Canada as a whole. Aaron, who doubles as a videographer, is joined by Jonathan Taylor and Tano DL in running the day to day operations of WhatTheHype. The site features new audio, video and projects from various artists with a mixture in the sounds featured. WhatTheHype is quickly becoming a top Canadian blog to compete with and we look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future. A great site with a supportive staff will surely have a bright future ahead!

Be sure to follow WhatTheHype on… – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


3. Bring Ya Eh Game


Bring Ya Eh Game is a monster when it comes to supporting Canadian content! A blog, mixtape series, and radio show, Bring Ya Eh Game has their fingers on the pulse of Canadian HipHop for sure! Founded by Dynamic aka YaFavouriteLightskin and joined by DJ Slam on their radio show, Bring Ya Eh Game has had years of success and continue to stick to what they know best, supporting the Canadian HipHop scene! The team has made a priority in sharing a variety of styles of hiphop found in Canada. 2016 has been a great year for the team and we look forward to seeing what 2017 brings!

Be sure to follow Bring Ya Game on… – Facebook | Twitter


4. CanadianDope


A site that has been around for quite some time, CanadianDope is another site that supports the Canadian hiphop scene and stays very active. Having spent quite a few years in the trenches, CanadianDope has definitely earned their stripes in the scene. Always on point with what’s happening in CanadianDope, you can bet that if it’s Canadian and it’s dope, it’s on CanadianDope! From the latest tours, to the latest interviews, go and check out the website for your Canadian hiphop fix!

Be sure to follow CanadianDope on… – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


5. PwrMoves


Founded by Guelph-based Mohammad Escrow, PwrMoves is an incredibly supportive site that supplies not only the newest music from artists big and small but also news on everything hiphop. I’ve had a great success rate getting my music posted on the site as Escrow is extremely humble and approachable. An artist himself, Escrow is very in touch with everything happening on both sides of the border. A great site to check out (even if you’re not an artist), PwrMoves is definitely a site artists should know about and submit to!

Be sure to follow PwrMoves on… – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

This article was written by Eh Vee – You can also reach him via email at ehveehiphop@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns

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