[VIDEO] DboyBennet Feat. Sayzee – Nascar (Dir. By Charlton Visuals)

Toronto, ON born, Mississauga, ON raised DBoyBennett recently released another Autotuned video I couldn’t ignore. Those that read the site regularly know how much of a Sayzee fan I am so this was a definite must-listen. Sayzee seems to have an uncanny talent in making “new wave” music tolerable (at least for me… I’m very wary of anything that has Autotune). I came for the Sayzee feature but was surprisingly hooked in by Bennett’s melodies. Marl3y336 provides the bouncy trap-inspired production as DBoyBennett and Sayzee deliver verses. Autotuned or not, Nascar is one hell of a catchy tune. Visual treatments come by way of Charlton Visuals and is a great video to throw on at your next house party! Check the video out below!

You can find DboyBennet on…

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