[VIDEO] SkeviousTIPS – The Yonge & Poor Series Part 4 : That’s Real (Dir. By Apostolos Films)

Toronto, ON rapper SkeviousTIPS is gearing for the release of his debut album, Yonge & Poor, and has embarked on a 7-part video series, handled exclusively by Apostolos Films, to drum up excitement towards its release. Having recently released Episode 4, titled That’s Real, SkeviousTIPS shows he spends a great amount of time honing his skills. A great cadence and rhyme scheme, SkeviousTIPS is not what you’d normally hear from Toronto nowadays. With the huge influx of rappers adhering to the current mainstream sound, SkeviousTIPS opts to keep to a more boom bap sound. BluntedBeatz handles the smooth production on this release and gives SkeviousTIPS room to breathe and rap. Check out the video below!

You can check out the releases so far below…

Episode 3 – Addiction
Episode 2 – Going Against All Odds
Episode 1 – About

You can find SkeviousTIPS on…

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

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