5 HipHop Groups/Collectives You Should Know…

As a follow-up to my article on the 5 ontario Rappers To Watch For, I wanted to write a piece on 5 HipHop groups/collectives from Canada that fans should know about! Right off the bat there will be two omissions from the list that Canadian HipHop fans will notice… Stomp Down Killaz (SDK) and Battleaxe Warriors (BaxWar) were omitted from the list to make sure readers get to read about groups I feel deserve a little more shine and media coverage! SDK and BaxWar are great collectives and they are great for the Canadian scene. But continue reading to see the 5 groups I feel deserve a listen!

1. Doom Squad


Members : Kryple, NineLivez, Trippz

This trio hails from Edmonton, AB and could possibly be the hardest working 3 rappers in the province. They’re widely known for their long-running cypher series featuring the who’s who of rappers with bars. Each cypher was better than the last and kept you coming back for more. Don’t be folled, though. These three are more then just cyphers. They also keep consistent with production and music of their own. Immpecable releases packed with great music, the trio has definitely raised the bar for not only Edmonton, but the rest of Canada. Multi-talented musicians with great talent and huge supporters of the Canadian hiphop scene, the three are a definite force to be reckon with. Be sure to keep an eye out for Doom Squad!

Check out Doom Squad’s latest video

2. The Sorority


Members : Keysha Fresh, Lex Leosis, Haviah Mighty, Phoenix Pagliacci

The Sorority is a newly minted all-female group from Toronto, ON. The four ladies perfectly compliment each other and the potential they have is absolutely insane! The first time they all crossed paths was for the TeamBackPack INTL Women’s Day Cypher and have since released a single video as a collective group. What they lack in bodies of work, they more than make up for in talent and skill. Four immensly talented female rappers with thriving solo careers who met for a cypher and instantly clicked! They’re what I consider a Canadian female version of Slaughterhouse. Toronto should be proud these four are here and male rappers should be scared out there. Competition is intense and The Sorority raised the bar for male rappers everywhere! Be sure to keep an eye out for The Sorority!

Check out The Sorority’s latest video

3. Sentral Soldiers / Hip Chat Music

Members : Stitch, Riyality, 3xplicit, KP, Demeko, Bonez, Qwest, Payday

Durham Region is home to some very talented artists as its residents may or may not know. Just outside of Toronto, few would think to go into areas such as Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax and the like for HipHop. Take a stroll through the scene though and you’ll find yourself amazed by the amount of talent. Raising the bar for lyrics and musicality is a collective of emcees that are some of the most tactically skilled rappers Canada can be proud of! Sentral Soldiers/HipChat Music is the home of Stitch, one of Canada’s most prominent artists. Along with him, he brings together a collective of rappers that not only rap together very well, but gel together like family members. Currently going through a transition period, the whole crew seems to still be together and it’s still as business as usual! Be sure to keep an eye out for all the changes and new music!

Check out the Sentral Soldiers 2014 Cypher

4. TreeTop Entertainment


Members : Casper The Ghost, Kehmak, Chett Williamz

The three emcees of TreeTop Emtertainment are arguably the most entertaining trio from London, ON. Casper, Kehmak, and Chett keep fans engaged with consistent releases and new music and as well as travelling and performing on stages everywhere and anywhere in Ontario. Acting as both a groip and solo artists, listeners can expect new music without too long of a wait! TreeTop is known for their consistent output but their stage is not to be taken lightly. Incredibly conhesive and present on stage, spectators are definitely in for a treat when the yrio take the stage! Be sure to keep an eye out for TreeTop Entertainment!

Check out Treetop Entertainment’s latest video

5. Woodlawn Warriors


Members : Mordecai, Jigsaw, Uncle Frankie

Rounding off the list, I had to spin back around and give some recognition to some hometown talent. This trio of emcees are definitely my favourite batch of rappers from Guelph. Their raw style and talent is enough to draw listeners in! Students of the golden era/boom bap style of HipHop, listeners should not expect any radio friendly music when diving in. Raw, rugged, and in your face, the trio are absolutely vicious with wordplay, similies, and multi-syllable rhyme schemes. Their music is amazing as is their stage presence. Anyone who’s watched these three on stage will agree their energy, cohesion, and chemistry is impeccable to say the very least! As a fan, I’m definitely keeping my ears open and I think our readers should too!

Check out Woodlawn Warriors’ latest video

This article was written by Eh Vee – You can also reach him via email at ehveehiphop@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns

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