[ALBUM] Saipher Soze & Daniel Son – Divizion Rivals

Toronto, ON based emcees Saipher Soze and Daniel Son recently teamed up with Crate Divizion to create a monster of a project. Fans of the two will know they don’t do that radio pop crap. Everything they put out is gritty. Don’t be looking for that radio-friendly music on Divizion Rivals. The two keep true to their sound as they deliver 14 songs that combine to make a project fans of underground hiphop will love. Head-nod inducing beats with mindbending lyricism, Divizion Rivals is definitely a must-listen! A very golden era-esque sound can be found throughout the album. Fans of the 90’s sound will love this project so scroll down and take it in below!

You can stream the project below

You can find Daniel Son on…

Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp

You can find Saipher Soze on…

Twitter | InstagramSoundcloud

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