[VIDEO] Robbie G Feat. Sway Clarke – Famous (Dir. By Daniel Robinson of Local Drawl)

Guelph, ON artist Robbie G released a video this past December that fans need to sit down and take in! Artists are always blinded by the illusion of being famous. Some are even hellbent and will go to no ends to achieve the illusion of fame. But Robbie G is here to share a song explaining why he doesn’t want fame. A smash single from his latest album, Inner Outer Space, that features a hook from Sway Clarke that screams “Radio stations NEED to play me!”. Having production from Classified doesn’t hurt either and he delivers! Daniel Robinson from Local Drawl handles the smooth and crisp visual component and adds a great layer to an already great song. The smash single needs to be heard by fans so check out the video below!

Also, check out the video for You Got This, which can also be found on Inner Outer Space

You can find Robbie G on…

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp

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