*NEW EP / NEW VIDEO* Sese – The Buu Saga EP / Sese – Hyperbolic

The wait is finally over as Sese recently released the final EP in the Dragonball inspired series of EPs that he has been masterfully crafting throughout the last year. The Buu Saga EP is the final edition of the trilogy and with came a new 0therWorld-directed video for the first single, Hyperbolic.

The Yedgar-produced Hyperbolic receives a visual treatment as gift to fans who have been waiting patiently for the release of the final edition of the series. Combining classic Dragonball cutscenes with scenes of Sese and crew in Chinatown, Frank Douglas does an amazing job on camera duties. Crisp visuals with dope editing from Frank, Hyperbolic is definitely a good kick off to The Buu Saga EP.

Fans have been waiting to see just how Sese caps off the already monstrous series. The last two EPs have seen a combining of Sese’s fans along with fans of the wildly popular manga series and The Buu Saga strives to wrap it up with a bang (which it does). Production for the final edition combines various soundbytes from the show laid out over trappy, dark, slowed-down drum patterns. Keeping to one lone feature, Sese shows he’s more than capable of crafting a 10-song EP by himself and keeping fans very entertained throughout. Be sure to check out the video for Hyperbolic and the full stream of The Buu Saga EP below and stay tuned for much more to come from Sese!

Also, stay tuned for our full review of the entire Saga EP series coming soon!

Stream the EP by clicking HERE

You can find Sese on…

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