Sudbury, ON artist CheZZa recently released his latest album, I Am, for fans to take in and enjoy. Clocking in at a whopping 29 tracks, CheZZa fills the project with a very welcomed golden era 90’s feel, rapping over head-nod inducing production from Conscious Beats, Mister Miller, Gee Wunder of #FUTUREBEATS, TaylorMadeBeatzz and Jor’Del Downz. Guest verses were provided by RONIN, Wade Jackson, Jor’Del Downz, Dustin Wareham, and many more to make the project enjoyable with a lot of replay value. Touching on subjects such as world events, corruption, and the like, fans of CheZZa will find this project to be a more polished extension of CheZZa. Purchase / stream the album below and stay tuned fore more from CheZZa.

You can find CheZZa on…

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | BandCamp

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