*NEW ALBUM* Gee Wunder – Diversity LP

Toronto, ON rap veteran Gee Wunder has been around for quite some time. This is evident once you find out that Diversity LP, his newest album, is his EIGHTEENTH album! The Motive Music Canada C.E.O is also on the grind, promoting projects and upcoming releases, whether they be his own or by artists singed under the imprint. Gee started the promotion run with the single release, Gold, featuring label mate Set-2. He followed that with the release of Ah Suh It Guh. Be sure to check out the tracklisting and purchase the album below!


1. Dat Work
2. We de Best
3. Slow Wine (feat. Mac Millon)
4. Gold (feat. Micheal Buckley & Set2)
5. Clean Up Nice (feat. Set2)
6. Turn Up
7. Watch TV
8. Eyes Open
9. Ah Suh It Guh
10. Soldiers of Fortune
11. Businesses
12. Feelin’ Like
13. Feel About Us

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