*REVIEW* Zaze – Industry Highjacking Volume 2 : Bars Edition



You can download the mixtape by clicking here

Zaze has been a hungry and passionate emcee since he started, yet the new mixtape shows a re-energized and sharper emcee. He displays a wide range of emotions and covers many topics on the mixtape, which spans 16 freestyles. Everything from government corruption, societal observations, triumphs, failures and everything in between is touched on to give fans an introspective view on Zaze, the artist and Zaze, the person.  There are standouts that fans will find themselves rewinding for additional listens. A sequel to an older mixtape, on which he also borrows beats from the industry and gives fans his take, Zaze shows music is still as apart of his life as it always was! Zaze’s beat selection, feature placement, lyricism, and general delivery is to be commended on this project. You get enough to really understand Zaze’s world and his views without sounding too preachy and overbearing.

When it came to features on the project, Zaze kept to people that compliment his style and refrained from reaching out for features from afar. This tactic worked well as the result is a mixtape with no fillers, no wasted track, no wasted bar. Features come from Young Stitch (Badlands), G5iVE (Fire Squad), Flex The Antihero (0 – 100), MT Clips (Angels In The City), Rooks McCoy (Road To Perdition), and Mic Gutz (Run Them). The beats were borrowed from Vinnie Paz (God Bless), The Game (Angels In The City and Ali Bombaye), Tech N9ne (Badlands & Fragile) Drake (0 – 100), and more.

Overall, the project serves its purpose well; to hold the fans over as Zaze preps his next full album. The mixtape is put together with the utmost care from the beat selection, to features, to audio quality. Everything holds up to Zaze’s standard of quality and very pleasing to the ear sonically. The project is definitely recommended for those looking to dive into something other than pop-hop!

You can download the mixtape by clicking here


EDITOR’S PICKS : Carnival of Souls, Best Friend, Fragile


You can find Zaze on…

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTubeBandcamp | Soundcloud

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