*NEW MIXTAPE* Zaze – Industry Highjacking Volume 2 : Bars Edition

Durham, ON wordsmith Zaze returns with his latest mixtape, Industry Highjacking Volume 2 : Bars Edition, PREMIERED EXCLUSIVELY through Up Top HipHop! It is jam-packed with sharp bars and lyricism over beats fans will find familiar. Zaze goes on rhyming spree and sounds at home on the wide selection of beats and touches on an even wider range of topics. Everything from self-reflection to government corruption is touched on and Zaze shows no signs of slowing down. Fans of Zaze will love this project as they have all his other projects. You can download the project for free via Bandcamp below! Be sure to stay tuned for our in-depth review and interview with Zaze coming soon!


Also be sure to check out the Official Music Videos for God Bless and The Crazies


Zaze started rapping in 2001 when he formed A-Fam with a couple of friends in high school, Flex and Theory. The group then formed with fellow hip hop artists K-Stu and Peter Jackson in 2005, to become 90Nickel. Which is now one of the most outstanding entertainment companies to come out of the Toronto area Independently.

Zaze has played over 250 shows across Canada since 2005, touring with many different hip hop acts, such as; Busta Rhymes, Naughty By Nature, Tech N9ne just to name a select few. To this day Zaze has released over 3 mix tapes and 3 albums, his sophomore album “The World As I See It” got him a great deal of buzz while his brand new album “Build and Destroy” has just been released to start his 2015 campaign. Before his sophomore album was released Zaze’s world had changed in a major way, with the birth of his daughter, Azaria on Feburary 4, 2012. With all of this, his mind set changed and he is now hungrier then ever before as a solo artist.

Zaze is a true hip hop artist who believes that there is no need to sugar coat your music or the message you wish to say to become more radio friendly or liked by the masses, as he will not compromise who he is nor will he conform to any standard. This and his need to be different is a huge part of what sets him apart from most hip hop artists today. You can find his music on iTunes and Bandcamp, as well as five videos that are currently available on Youtube.

You can find Zaze on…

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTubeBandcamp | Soundcloud

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