*NEW MIXTAPE* Trilogy – Third Time’s The Charm Vol. 3

Toronto, ON femcee Trilogy has released the third and final installment of her first mixtape trilogy, Third Time’s The Charm. Kept short and sweet at 7 songs, the mixtape boasts production from Blunted Beatz, Eight Measures, Syko Beats, and Freeze. Take the mixtape in below and follow the links to find more on Trilogy!


Born and raised in the small city of Belleville, Ontario, Trilogy made a name for herself as the only femcee doing it. That’s just in Belleville, though. Relocated to Toronto, she sees that the music business isn’t all that it’s caked up to be. These people won’t hand you showtime so you better be ready to fight for what you rightfully deserve. Trilogy won’t break just yet though, so she continues to write from real life experiences, crafting moments of pain into art, and I think that’s what is most beautiful about Hip Hop.. making connections. – via Official Website

Also, check out Trilogy on…

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp

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