*NEW ALBUM* Monsoon – The Moon Son

Guelph, ON artist Monsoon has just released his latest album for fans to take in on his birthday! Those who are familiar with Monsoon and his brand of funky, abstract music will be in for exactly what they expect from Monsoon. Those unfamiliar but love funk and love dancing with their speakers turnt up to the max, Monsoon’s latest project is just for you. Take it in below and Stay tuned for more from Monsoon!

1. A Day in the Life
2. Everytime ft. MC Avid
3. Earthworm
4. Get Alive
5. In The Mix ft. Rafay
6. Satellites ft. Sevn and Rafay
7. Frequency
8. Outer Orbit ft. DJ Uncle Fester (interlude)
9. Cheapscates ft. Scruffy Murphy
10. Mission to the Stars
11. Walk a Mile
12. Lunar Kid
13. Boogietown ft. MC Avid and D-Sisive
14. Scum of the Bog ft. DJ Uncle Fester

You can find Monsoon on…

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

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