*NEW VIDEO* Sese – Super Kamehameha/ Power Level Up

Following the release of his popular new mixtape, The Cell Saga, Nightmare Klub hip-hop artist Sese returns with fresh new video in support of his Chef Byer-produced single, “Super Kamehameha” (as well as the Smokescreen-produced “Power Level Up”).

The songs were visualized by long-time video director and Sese collaborator, Frank Douglas (0therworld Films/Nightmare Klub) who is also credited with directing the mixtape’s first video, “Perfect Cell” (and other videos in The Saga Series).

With Douglas’ help, Sese pushes his personification of the Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) character Cell even further with “Super Kamehameha.”

“Creatively I was looking to achieve what I try to do every time I film: nail a professional looking video in a professional way with the budget provided,” noted Douglas, “and to make this one look different than the rest we’ve done while maintaining my signature look and feel.”

Fitting perfectly with Sese’s sharp tongue and lyrical wit, the song brings to life an advanced and more powerful version of the Kamehameha, which is the most widely used finishing attack in the popular DBZ universe.

The Cell Saga is the second installment of Sese’s plan to release three DBZ inspired projects. While promotion for this release is still going strong, Sese has already begun to tease fans on social media with info leaks pertaining to volume three, The Buu Saga. The project title refers to Majin Buu, the final antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z world. While a specific release date is currently unavailable, the last installment should but out early summer when Sese will embark on a headlining Canadian tour (tentatively titled, THE SAGA TOUR) to promote all 3 projects – Official Press Release

You can find Sese on…

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