*NEW ALBUM* Words – Features of Fury

Words, member of the rap collective Dead Rabbits, has released a compilation album of songs he’s appeared on. Anyone who knows Words knows he has BARS and his work ethic in the studio is undeniable. Clocking in at 20 tracks in total, this album includes tracks from many rappers that have reached out to Words for his one of his lyrical gems. Released in celebration of his 32nd birthday, Words hopes his fans will continue to support his musical endeavors as they always have! Check the music below for a link to purchase the album and links to stay in touch with Words…



01. The Transition – Blackflags Ft. Words
02. Barfest – Durdy Ft. Copywrite & Words
03. Corruption – Mic Gutz Ft. Spade Of Citizen Kane & Words
04. War Lordz Of Valhalla – Vanara Ft. Words & Elz Sinatra
05. Only Once – Words & Mordecai
06. Shoguns – Eskr One Ft. Words & Julius Sleazer
07. The Red Queen – Words & Mark Jordan
08. Alphabetical Problem Solver – Nysom Ft. Words
09. The Monster Squad – Tha Soloist Ft. Kue The Vandal, Ren Thomas, Taboo, Words, Klive Kraven, Rated R, Dr. Voodoo, Slaughter Rico, Elz Sinatra & Father Focus Confucius
10. Had Enough – Mad Hattr Ft. Words, Tempomental, Sindikit & Ladyface
11. This Is The End – Edd Bundy Ft. Words, Young Stitch, Pay Day & Natasha Harinko
12. Walk All Over You – Elz Sinatra & Words Ft. Pryme Prolifik & Father Focus Confucius
13. Stand Down – Cliff Clavin & Edd Bundy Ft. Ixion Form & Words
14. Pay Attention – LG Ft. 3xplicit & Words
15. The Antidote – Woodlawn Warriors Ft. Words & DJ Riseone
16. Jabstract – Words, I.N.F, Mordecai, Nico The Beast & Eskr One
17. Rockin’ With Pops – Tempomental Ft. Words
18. Rusty Swords – Edd Bundy Ft. Words, Taboo, Elz Sinatra & Matt Maddox
19. Watch It Freaks(Denis Puric Walkout Song) – Words
20. Real Life – Words Ft. Dr. Fowlmouf & Dr. Voodoo

Check out Words on…

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