*NEW MIXTAPE* Feed Tummies – Food & Mark Jordan – The Lost Tapes

Mark Jordan, a Toronto, ON native, and his Feed Tummies partner-in-crime, Phil Stomachs just unleashed two tapes this past week to make sure Mark’s name lives on as he prepares for his 1-year jail sentence. The Feed Tummies duo are well-known for being consistent lyricists with work ethic and output to match. As evident by listening to the tapes, Feed Tummies have kept very busy in building up a stockpile of music to flood while Mark’s down for the count. We at Up Top HipHop will be supporting the Feed Tummies crew as they navigate the next year without their comrad! Be sure to check out the two tapes below… #FreeMarkie

(Click image to stream on YouTube)

Feed Tummies (Mark Jordan x Phil Stomachs) – Food
Released : 01/02/15

1. Population Control (Produced By Roswel Beatz)
2. Have It All (Produced By Dizzee)
3. Days Of Our Lives (Produced By Mark Jordan)
4. Fall Back (Produced By Ab straQ)
5. FT (Produced By Ab straQ)
6. Sunny Days (Produced By Kelly Portis)
7. Pick Me (Produced By Kelly Portis)
8. Sky Bound (Produced By Grizzly Beatz)
9. We The Shit (Produced By RawHeatz)
10. Tyler (Produced By CHill)
11. Came Up (Produced By Grizzly Beatz)
12. Jordan (Produced By Grizzly Beatz)
13. Special Few (Produced By Yung Boss)
14. We Are Fucking Tired (Produced By RawHeatz)
15. Please Don’t Lie To Me (Produced By CHill)
16. Only Friend (Produced By VoKab)

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1622220_1030408763684168_1045093597059283833_n(Click image to stream on Soundcloud)

Mark Jordan – The Lost Tapes
Released : 01/06/15

1. Real Life Stories (Produced By Dolo Cruise & Ab – StraQ)
2. Flame (Produced By GameTheory Productions)
3. Fenin’ Ft. L.I.P (Produced By CHill)
4. Oh No (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
5. Tha Mafia (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
6. Mark Jordan – Tha Mafia Remix Ft. Durdy, Tommy Gunnz, Uncle B-No & Sinister Binky
7. The Red Queen Ft. Words (Produced By DAS Da Beat Junkie)
8. We’ll Make It Ft. The Mighty Rhino (Produced By K Da Great)
9. Time To Kill Ft. Clarity (Produced By CHill)
10. We Evil Ft. Daniel Son & Metikulus (Produced By Dolo Cruise & Metikulus)

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