* NEW EP * Bigg Ceaser & Beat Busta – The Seven EP

Toronto, ON rapper Bigg Ceaser wastes no time in 2016 as he releases his latest effort, The Seven EP. Beat Busta, a beat-maker also from Toronto, produces the EP entirely and provides Bigg Ceaser and company (Sese and Chris Jackson) a cohesive soundscape on which they spew lyrics at a relentless consistency. Clocking in at just over 22 minutes and with only 7 tracks, Bigg Ceaser shows the hiphop world that you don’t have to give fans excessive amounts of music to reel them in! Be sure to grab yourselves a FREE copy of The Seven EP by clicking on the artwork below…

Download The Seven EP Press Kit HERE

1. Chauffer
2. Exhale
3. Burn Ft. Sese
4. Dolo
5. Change
6. Beautiful Ft. Chris Jackson
7. Waiting



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Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTubeBandcamp | Soundcloud

Check out Beat Busta on…

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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